Ornare’s successful legacy began in 1986, with the first showroom located in Pinheiros neighborhood of São Paulo. At this time Murillo and Esther Schattan began their legacy. With a new demand, in 1989 Seder factory was launched in Cotia-SP and in 1993 the worldwide vitrine showroom was being opened in one of the main addresses of the state capital, Alameda Gabriel Monteiro da Silva. For 33 years, Ornare has been producing with excellence, cabinetries and high standard tailor made furniture for kitchen, bathroom, home theater, closet, wall system, doors and panels. Other main addresses in Brazil was launched as Ornare showroom: Brasilia (DF), Salvador, Ribeirão Preto, Cuiabá, Goiânia, Belo Horizonte, Curitiba, Florianópolis. Expansion beyond borders was inevitable, as Miami, Dallas, Houston, Los Angeles, and New York made up a list, receiving sophistication from the lines signed by Studio Ornare and brand art director Ricardo Bello Dias. Already signed collections: Patricia Anastassiadis, Marcelo Rosenbaum, Ruy Ohtake, Guto Indian Coast, Zanine Zanine, Arthur Casas, Mauro Lipparini, Carlo Colombo, Giangranco Vannuchi, among others.


The family business, always plural in its vision and plans, was led by Murillo and Esther Schattan, both engineers. Visionaries, performing special actions with strong partners, contributed to the growth of the company and the high quality market, with showrooms in Brazil and abroad. Family succession occurred naturally. Pitter and Stefan Schattan – Schattan’s couple sons, bring in their DNA a young born leadership skills to take Ornare to new heights and next level.


Ornare has over 300 professionals specialized in the technical team. Through continuous qualification and integrated work between engineering specialties, systems development, product development, product engineering, information technology and more, Ornare offers the best technical solutions with the agility required by the market.


Ornare has a sales team of qualified architects and interior designers with experience in the area to offer the best solution in residential or corporate projects. Its careful service in the showrooms and the support of after-sales departments to definitively solve the demands directed to the satisfaction of a relationship that goes far beyond the company and the consumer.


Considered one of the most prestigious high end brands in tailor made and customized  cabinetry, wall system, panels and doors in Brazil, Ornare continues its climb as a global well-known brand. During the north hemisphere Summer of 2018, two new flagships were launched in the United States: Houston and Los Angeles. In 2006 Ornare it started the  international expansion in Miami – Florida where was launched the 1st flaship showroom.  The quality of its exclusivity collections won the taste and paid attention to the Americans in the luxury market by expanding its expertise in showrooms in New York and Dallas. All showrooms in American are located alongside others important and sophisticated decoration brands in the main areas of each city well-known as design districts. Since Ornare is established for 13 years in the North America, knowledge and acceptance has been very positive for the brand. A Wide Line collection is shown in Miami, New York, Los Angeles, Houston and Dallas with the same range of products as Brazil. The potential for expansion is huge in the United States, ”says Pitter Schattan, director of Ornare in New York. The first stage of Ornare’s international expansion project is done as new showrooms has being launching in the United States, which targets new markets in Central and South America, is being completed.The prestige in finding quality products and added value remains aligned and is among the international brands of the segment.


Ornare brings wood finishes in high standards and exclusive natural wood veneer finishes. In addition, Ornare is one of the first furniture industries in Latin America certified by the California Air Resources Board (CARB), the California State Air Quality Board, which evaluates formaldehyde emissions from wood panels.


Ornare has in its portfolio natural leather and eco-leather covering with the same quality and aesthetic standard, for interior and exterior of cabinets, doors and Wall System. Made of polyurethane, the product offers softness to the touch and delights the look. The production process follows international quality standards and are carefully analyzed for final product warranty. This provides a perfect and delicate finishing look.


Custom and with a variety of finishing options and endless colors for painting, Ornare offers quality and sophistication tailored to the project. All glass and metal used in production meet the market requirements with quality seal granted by the brazilian Product Certification Body (OCP) and the National Institute of Metrology, Quality and Technology (Inmetro). Aluminum profiles without recyclable materials use the most noble raw material on the market.


Quality of materials, skilled workmanship, high-tech automation machinery bring the Ornare production system to results as per the initial project. Over more than 30 years, Ornare has met the standards required by the market, a result of the work and quality required in showrooms throughout Brazil and the USA.

One of the main characteristics of Ornare team is the fact that professionals apply technical knowledge to the organization, forming within the company multipliers of engineering and product techniques capable of ensuring the perpetuation of the work performed. The factory, located in Cotia-SP, has over 12,000 m² and is equipped with the most high technology machines, assembly and technical assistance are also direct processes with the factory, thus completing the production cycle.



Cabinets are essential to make the environment more elegant and organized. Ornare develops unique lines to create the perfect space, according to each client’s profile.



Ornare strives for the excellence in its products, aiming to develop more than just kitchens, but a complete experience. The lines are carefully and obsessively crafted with details that make all the difference.



Bathrooms are relaxing environments that deserve attention. They have gained space in the creativity of architects and interior designers thus becoming more charming every day.

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